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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Our team comprises of hardwood floor refinishers who know how to ensure your complete satisfaction with high quality and professional services. We can help you restore almost any wood flooring and will work with you to determine the best solution for your floors. 

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From Cleaning to Restoration

Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Hardwood Floor Scrub and Buff

Many homeowners may be surprised to know that their hardwood floors require nothing more than a good deep clean and buff. Ask about our rates 

Hardwood Floor Sandless Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When a simple clean and buff isn’t enough, we can remove old built-up residue and apply a new finish to have your floors looking emasculate. Ask about our Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat service. 

Hardwood Floor Wax Removal

Sometimes there is just too many old layers of wax buildup over time, in this case, we’ll strip it down to the original stain, clean it, and apply several coats of high-quality finish. 

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Hardwood Floor Restoration

When hardwood floors have simply been neglected for too long, we may suggest a sanding process. This is for hardwood floors that have significant scratches. 

Granite Countertop Restoration

Has your granite countertops lost their shine and luster? We can bring back that shine with our Granite Countertop Restoration services!

Granite countertops are pretty tough & rugged but there will come a time that these beautiful surfaces will need a refresh.

As a homeowner, it can be challenging to determine when to reseal your countertops, but we can help with that. If they have become dull and have a mat finish to them, it is a good time to have them evaluated. 

Best Rest Assured, Your Floors & Granite Countertops are in Good Hands.

When your hardwood flooring needs to be restored or refinished, you are faced with questions like “Who should I hire?” and “Is there a local expert that specializes in that?”. This is exactly the right moment to call us. We’re not going to try and push sanding your floors when it may not be necessary at all.  Whether wax build-up, dull finishes, or just needing a clean and buff, we’ll give you an honest assessment. 

About Us

Not Just Another Wood Floor Refinishing Company

Our goal is to help you protect your floors and bring back the original new look and feel! Whether using a sanding or sandless method, our floor refinishing process consists of a careful assessment of your floors to determine if you need to sand or if sanding is unnecessary. Many homeowners are surprised that their floors may not need to be sanded! Our team utilizes only the best tools and equipment to ensure the surfaces are well-protected. The materials we apply are of unmatched quality. For our sandless method, we can generally get the job done within 2 to 6 hours depending on the size of the job. 

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We Understand Hardwood Floors Maintenance

Having serviced the Fort Wayne Metropolitan area, we know what it takes to get your floors looking spectacular again. Call today for a free estimate.