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Wood Floor Refinishing Service

We know hardwood floors and we know how to ensure your complete satisfaction with high quality and professional services in Allen County, Indiana. We can help you restore almost any wood flooring and will work with you to determine the best solution for your floors. 

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wood Floor refinishing service
wood Floor refinishing service
wood Floor refinishing service
wood Floor refinishing service
wood Floor refinishing service
Refinishing hardwood floors Allen County

Professional Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Our Mission is to Provide Homeowners With an Affordable Solution Without Sacrificing Quality

At Keystone, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality wood floor care services. If you’re planning to improve your wood flooring, we’d love to help you. Our experienced professionals are trained to provide the best service possible. From hardwood flooring refinishing, cleaning, and restoration, to hardwood floor staining and resurfacing, Keystone has you covered. Call us today for a free estimate. 

Our Wood Floor Care Services

Many homeowners may be surprised to know that their hardwood floors require nothing more than a good deep clean and buff. Ask about our rates 

When a simple clean and buff isn’t enough, we can remove old built-up residue and apply a new finish to have your floors looking immaculate. Ask about our Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat service.

Sometimes there is just too many old layers of wax buildup over time, in this case, we’ll strip it down to the original stain, clean it, and apply several coats of high-quality finish. 

When hardwood floors have simply been neglected for too long, we may suggest a sanding process. This is for hardwood floors that have significant scratches. 

Our Reputation for Customer Satisfaction

"Best flooring professionals i know. They have great work quality and always responded to my calls and texts!!"

Adrian Dunn

Local Guide

"Randy and his team did an amazing job cleaning and refinishing my wood floors. My floors had years of wax buildup and grime and had lost their luster. They made sure it was to my and their satisfaction. I'm happy with my floors. Thanks"

William Jackson

Financial Management

"Randy did an excellent job on our flip home hardwood floors. He went the extra mile and the floors look great."

Amy Allison

"Keystone Hardwood was amazing! They were very prompt and very helpful. He gave us a demo that looked great and then a reasonable quote. We had a ton of wax buildup on the hardwood floor, and we were told by others that the only solution is to replace them. Randy came over this morning and without delay was working on the floors. The floors look brand new, seriously. He cleaned up the gunk that was the wax buildup and polished it to bring back the luster. Will recommend him to everyone! Thank you very much Randy!"

Josh Hobbs

Insurance Agent

About Us

Our goal is to help you protect your floors and bring back the original new look and feel! Whether using a sanding or sandless method, our floor refinishing process consists of a careful assessment of your floors to determine if you need to sand or if sanding is unnecessary. We have a passion for refinishing hardwood floors. Many homeowners are surprised that their floors may not need to be sanded! Our team utilizes only the best tools and equipment to ensure the surfaces are well-protected. The materials we apply are of unmatched quality. For our sandless method, we can generally get the job done within 2 to 6 hours depending on the size of the job.
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Servicing Hardwood Floors Is What We Do

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We Understand Hardwood Floors Maintenance

Having serviced the Allen County Indiana Metropolitan area, we know what it takes to get your floors looking spectacular again. Call today for a free estimate. We specialize in damaged floors, scratches, and dings. Pricing is based on square feet. Often we’re able to save our customers money by saving their floors. 

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