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Some flooring contractors don’t differentiate between the two. We do because they are different categories of service. Restoration almost always means sanding whereas refinishing does not. 

Sanding is not an option in several scenarios. One might be that the hardwood floors might have been sanded too many times and can’t be sanded again or it would damage the floors. Such example would be where the wood has been sanded down to where the tongue and grove would be exposed when sanded again. 

It can be, but some people have a keen aptitude toward quickly comprehending the scope of such a project whereas most probably should hire it out. We’ve heard successful stories from homeowners who have done the work themselves, and we’ve also been called by homeowners who damaged their floors trying to do the work themselves. At the end of the day, we don’t generally recommend it especially if you’re unsure what you’re going up against. 

We generally recommend light traffic wearing only socks 2 hours after drying, and the finish is visible and dry to the touch. Even the floors appear to be dry, they are still in a curing process where they are vulnerable to penetration. Cure times vary depending on manufacturer finishes, but they are generally 90% cured in 48 hours. Fully cured in 5 days. 

The best time actually depends on the type of services. For example some refinishing projects may only take a day to finish whereas restorations can take up to a week. So the best time to have the restoration done is when you won’t be home during that time. Homeowners are not required to be offsite during the work but bare floors after sanding should have minimum traffic as there would be no protection on them.  

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Our team comprises of floor refinishing specialists who know how to ensure your complete satisfaction with high quality and professional services. They can help you restore almost any wood flooring and will work with you to determine the best solution for your floors.