October 3, 2022 12:21 AM

Fort Wayne Services

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Whatever type of hardwood floor you have – installed and finished in place or pre-finished – years of wear and tear will damage them. By resanding and refinishing hardwood floors, even floors with severe damage can be brought back to life. The craftsmen at Keystone Hardwood Floor Care can restore all types of damaged hardwood floors, from deep scratches and scuff marks to paint residue, water damage, and color fading. Learn more about our hardwood floor refinishing service in Fort Wayne.

Hardwood Floor Screening and Recoating

It may not be necessary to refinish only slightly damaged hardwood floors. It is a great idea to screen and recoat the floors on a more frequent basis as a way to avoid the high cost of complete floor refinishing. Recoats and screening will greatly increase the lifespan of your hardwood flooring. The hardwood floors may need to be cleaned and buffed if they haven’t been maintained in the last three to five years. Get more information about our hardwood floor Screening and Recoating services in Fort Wayne.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A heavy traffic pattern can lead to dull floors that appear prematurely aged. Deep cleaning hardwood floors periodically can restore their natural beauty and elegance. Deep cleaning your wood floor is one of the best ways to restore its shine and new-like appearance. The process includes the removal of all dirt, grime, and grease. The best way to get down into the grains and seams is with a deep scrub. We use leading penetrating solutions to clean hardwood floors in Fort Wayne, IN that last for a long time. Contact us if you have additional questions about cleaning hardwood floors in Fort Wayne. Learn more about hardwood cleaning Fort Wayne IN

Hardwood Floor Restoration

When you restore a floor, you are repairing a damaged floor. The damage may be from pet stains, water stains, or renovations from electrical, heating, or plumbing changes, or even fire damage. Cupping, moisture damage, paint splatter, animal waste, and other floor damages involve more time to resolve. Such projects can take up to 2 weeks or longer. Floors that are severely damaged, such as scratched, gouged, warped, uneven, or cracked, often require restoration. You will likely need the assistance of a floor restoration company if the level of damage warrants hardwood floor replacement. Our hardwood floor restoration process is very thorough and we’ve had success bringing back life to worn and neglected floors. Learn more about restoring hardwood floors in Fort Wayne.