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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Fort Wayne

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Wood Floor Refinishing Service Fort Wayne

Refinish your hardwood floors instead of replacing them Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In addition to ongoing wear and tear, pets, water, and exposure to the sun can cause serious damage to floors, regardless of whether you’ve finished them in place.

There are still plenty of good, solid wood floors beneath all the scratches, stains, imperfections and blemishes! Refinishing and sanding them can make them look brand new.

Long gone are the days of the big cloud of dust. Keystone Hardwood Floor Care provides Northeast Indiana homeowners with great quality hardwood floor sanding and refinishing services.

When It's Time to Assess

Troubling Signs

refinishing wood floors fort wayne

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

The following hardwood floors are perfect for hardwood floor sanding, staining, and refinishing:

  • Deep scratches
  • Paint residue
  • Extensive wear and tear
  • Scuff marks
  • Moisture damage
  • Color bleaching caused by sun exposure

When The Time is Right

When Should I Refinish My Hardwood Floors?

If your hardwood floors have not been maintained in 4 to 7 years, now is the time to call Keystone Hardwood Floor Care for hardwood flooring refinishing. Call 260.446.3335.

Sanding and refinishing is perfect for installed and finished-in-place solid wood floors. Engineered floors can require a different approach. Because they are not solid wood, they can be cleaned and buffed, and depending on the wear layer thickness, they may or may not be sandable. If they can’t be sanded then they can be screened and recoated.
Click here to read more about our hardwood floor Screening and Recoating maintenance service. There’s a good chance your floors don’t need to be replaced.

Most scratches on floors-even deep ones with gouges, water stains, split boards, and pet urine-can are repaired and polished to take on a brand new look with the quality, dedicated repairs, and attentive sanding and finishing.

Cost for Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Starting at $5.00 per square foot, our full sanding, staining, and finishing services include stain and two coats of finish. Adding additional coats of finish, removing carpet, and moving furniture may result in additional charges. Our initial estimate outlines all services and costs in detail, and we discuss every detail with you beforehand.

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Refinish Hardwood Floor service

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Refinish Hardwood Floors in Fort Wayne

What does Keystone Hardwood Floor Care sanding and refinishing professional services include?

Step 1: Inspection and thorough vacuuming
After all furniture has been removed from the room by the homeowner. All existing shoe molding, quarter rounds, and ventilation registers should be removed. To ensure professional-looking work, this step is essential. Sanding, staining, and refinishing work needs to extend all the way to the edge of the boards. Risking the possibility of color or stain buildup where the floor meets the shoe molding or the registers, or risking uneven application by going around them, or skipping parts of the sanding to avoid rubbing up again existing molding—these are short cuts we won’t take.

Step 2: Sanding
A drum sander is used to remove the original finish and color from the floor, which is an acquired skill. Because drum sanders remove wood with every pass, they must keep it under control using a combination of strength and technique. A sander can quickly destroy a floor if it is used improperly. In order to achieve a smooth surface, the grit of the paper is gradually decreased as we run our sanders in sequential steps. A very fine-grit sand paper is used for the final sanding to ensure a surface that is evenly smooth and capable of receiving the coating and finishing.

Step 3: Staining
A visual inspection is conducted after all sanding is completed to look for any remaining marks from sanding. Once the marks have been removed, the floors are ready to be stained. Depending on the pigment in the stain, we might water pop the floor to get a deeper shade of the same color.

Step 3: Finish application
We apply a few coats of premium water-based polyurethane after the stain has dried–about two to three hours after the stain is applied.

Step 5: Buffing
When the finish is thoroughly dry, we buff the floors to eliminate any surface imperfections. We then apply the final coat of finish to produce a highly polished surface.

Step 6: Drying
After four hours, the completed finish is thoroughly dried and can handle light traffic, allowing the furniture to be moved back into position. On all furniture components that touch the floor, we always recommend that you place protective furniture pads.

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