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Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

August 25, 2021
 James Connor



What is the Best way to Maintain Hardwood Floors?

There are many ways to maintain your hardwood floors, but most of them are easy to maintain. In this article, we will provide our best advice for Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips.

A mat is one simple way to protect your floors from overuse and damage. It's also easy to protect your wood floors with rugs. In addition to mats, use felt protectors to prevent scratches and dents. These are some of the best hard-core floor maintenance tips. Read on to learn more. Here are some other great tips to care for your hardwood floors:

Make sure to keep your floors clean and dry. A hardwood floor is an investment, so make sure it's well maintained to protect its value. To keep it looking its best, remove any spills, dirt, or deicing agents as soon as they appear. You should also trim your dog's nails when they reach the ground to avoid damaging your floor. You can buy pet-safe wipes to wipe your floors regularly.

Hardwood Floor Furniture Pads


Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

To prevent scratches, use furniture pads underneath furniture and appliances to protect them from dragging. If you have pets, check for leaks around the house and take preventative measures to keep your floors dry. If your floors become damaged by water, call a professional hardwood floor cleaner to give them a once-over. After a thorough cleaning, they can apply a protective coating to your floors. If you don't feel up to it, you can always hire a professional to do it for you.

Invest in Microfiber Cloths for Mopping.

To prevent scratching, use damp and dry mopping. You can use cloth diapers for buffing your hardwood floors. They are extra absorbent and soft. This is one of the best hard-core flooring maintenance tips to follow. If you're having trouble keeping your floors clean, contact a professional hardwood floor cleaning company and find out more. You'll be glad you did!

If you live with pets, make sure that your protection layer has a scratch-resistant additive. Although pets are not ideal for hardwood floors, certain finishes are for pets.  As for spills, make sure you wipe them up right away so they don't soak into the floor. If you have a young child, keep their nails short. If you have older children, don't let them play on the wood floors.

Dust mopping should be done on a daily basis. If you have a finished hardwood floor, you should avoid wet mopping. This will cause your floors to become dull, and it will affect the finish. If you have a finished or sealed hardwood floor, you should avoid wet mop to protect your floors. The damp cloth should be wrung until it is almost dry. If you have a polished or shiny floor, you should use a wet cleaning product.

Clean & Buff Quarterly

The process of wood floor cleaning extends the life of your hardwood floors and makes them shine. To prepare the floor for buffing, dust or sweep it. Vacuuming may also be necessary to ensure that all dust and dirt are removed. Only use PH neutral cleaner on your hardwood floors. These cleaners won’t leave a residue or emit harmful toxins, but they will prevent additives from leaving a residue, which over time will cause yellowing and surface scratches. Using the wrong cleaners may also strip or damage your protective wear layer. PH Neutral cleaners have fast dry times, no waxy buildup, or chemical residues. It is important to know how to clean your hardwood floor the right way.

Keeping your floors clean and dry is the most important part of caring for your hardwood floors. You should also make sure you use the correct cleaning products. Using tile floor cleaners and sheet vinyl can damage the finish of your hardwood floors. Using rugs is another great way to protect your wood floors. You should also use rugs to prevent tracked-in debris and scratching. When putting furniture on your wooden floor, use fabric-faced glides on them.

Screen and Recoat Every 3 to 5 Years

Screen and Recoat flooring restore the wood to its original shine and appearance. The procedure of "screen and recoat" is used to enhance an existing polyurethane coating by top-coating it. As you sand or 'screen' the old coat, you get a new one to adhere to it. Hence, the inclusion of the word 'screen' is crucial. In the end, a screen is just a mesh encrusted with abrasives. Mesh is less aggressive than sandpaper because fewer abrasive particles per square inch are present (a 120-grit sanding screen, for example, is less aggressive than 120-grit sandpaper). Ideally, floor screening leaves just enough texture in the floor to bond with the polyurethane coat; screening should remove only a small amount of the existing finish.

Routine Cleaning

You should also deep clean your hardwood floors regularly. This will keep the dirt and grime out of your floors. It's also important to avoid water damage, which can wreak havoc on the surface. A hardwood floor with a glossy finish is worth the effort. It will add value to your home, so make sure to properly care for it. You should never let it sit in a corner for too long or let it sit on its surface.

When cleaning your hardwood floors, you should always wear clean socks and shoes. This will help prevent scratches and dings. Moreover, high heels can also damage your hardwood floors. These shoes can cause dents and grooving, so it is important to avoid them whenever possible. Keeping your wooden floor in good condition is essential. You should follow these tips to maintain your beautiful wood floor. You should avoid the use of high heels and other types of shoes.


Wood Floor Maintenance Care

Refinishing your hardwood floors in Allen County is an easy and fast way to completely transform the interior of your home.

  • We will sand the floors down to bare wood.
  • Apply a commercial-grade sealer or your choice of stain color.
  • Finally, two coats of professional polyurethane will be applied.

A newly protected wood floor will appear as good as the day it was installed once the process has been completed.

What Sets Us Apart from Others?

There are certain circumstances in which hardwood floors do not require refinishing or replacement. Homeowners are often surprised to discover that their floors may only require a screen and recoat. This method is less costly than refinishing and can be completed in a single day. You will receive an honest consultation with options. This is what sets us apart from other companies. We will not upsell you services that you do not need.
If you are on a budget, we may be able to provide you with a custom solution. At the very least, we need to protect your floor from further damage. Contact us if you would like to schedule an assessment and consultation.

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