Hardwood Floor Restoration

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When Hardwood Floors Need Restored

For services purposes, we actually differentiate between a refinish and hardwood floor restoration. Whereas refinishing doesn’t require repairing your floors. 

Wood floor restoration, however, generally requires resurfacing the hardwood floors due to heavy cupping, gouges, moisture damage, deep stains, and other damages. We use a more aggressive sanding method for floors that need to be restored. In order to restore floors, to the extent possible, we flatten them using low grit sandpaper like 24 or 36 grit. Not all floors can be restored to their original state but we can make them look a lot better. Restoration is a service where we make our best effort to restore your hardwood floors close to their original state. 

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Wood floor Restoration

Hardwood floors are a great investment, especially when they’re cared for properly. They add beauty and value to your home while also providing longevity to your home. But with time, hardwood floors can become worn and damaged. You may have deep scratches, dents, and dings in your flooring, or you might have water damage. These damages can occur especially if your floors haven’t been maintained. Many of our clients have purchased homes with hardwood floors that were previously neglected by the former owners. Many are also unaware that replacing them may not be the only option. The good news is that we’ll help you prevent further damage to your investment with our restoration service. 

When Restoration isn’t Possible

Engineered floors may not be repairable depending on the veneer thickness and how deep the damage is. If your engineered floors only have a few millimeters of the wear layer, most likely they cannot be repaired. In order for them to be sandable, engineered floors need to have a minimum wear layer thickness of a quarter inch.

When Restoration isn’t needed
If you have engineered floors or solid hardwood floors that just have surface scratches or have become dullened over time, we offer a buff and recoat service that will make them look much better. Click here to read more about our buff and recoat maintenance service.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

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