Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat

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What is Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat?

A screen and recoat process is a great way to restore your hardwood floors at half the cost of sanding or restoration. The refinishing process involves applying one or two coats of polyurethane. Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoat screens/sands off the top layer of finish from the hardwood floors then applies a fresh topcoat. Screening and refinishing consist of abrading the preexisting finish, so that the new coats can bond to the surface. The process removes both superficial scratches also called surface scratches. It can be both a maintenance service or a refinishing process. Our screen and recoat refinishing process removes existing failed finishes down to the wood in order to apply fresh topcoats. 

hardwood floor screen and recoat
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Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Regular screen and recoat maintenance is essential for hardwood floors. The polyurethane protects the wood floor from scratches and wear. However, polyurethane doesn’t last forever, and it can damage the bare wood underneath. Therefore, it is important to periodically recoat older layers of polyurethane. It also helps to prevent premature wear and fading of old floors. The recoating procedure also helps protect the wood from moisture and warping when wet.

Recoating polyurethane wood floors

The Screen and Recoat Process Provides Added Sheen

After a screen and recoat process, it is important to remember that a hardwood floor should be professionally cleaned and recoated regularly. The process is necessary to prevent the surface from becoming dull and unsightly. A recoat can revive your floors with a satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss look. Afterward, the screen and recoat process is a good option if your hardwood floor is showing signs of wear and tear.

A Screen and Recoat Procedure is a Great Option for Homeowners who have a Slightly Worn and Dull Wood Floors.

A screen and recoat is a great way to update your wood floors. It’s a low cost option that preserves the original unfinished wood. If you’re looking to restore a hardwood floor to its original beauty, screen and recoat is a great option. The procedure will not cost you as much of full refinishing or restoration, and the results can be just a great. You can even tint the color of your hardwood floors with a screen and recoat.