Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Necessary?

Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Necessary?

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

When you say hardwood floor, one of the first things that come into your mind is hardwood floor refinishing. Here we will answer your question to “Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Necessary?“. Hardwood floors are very elegant and add value to any house. These floors are usually very smooth, which looks very good in any room where there is a presence of hardwood floors. It enhances the look of the home making it more beautiful and more durable. Hardwood floor refinishing or hardwood floor sanding is one of the most common things people do to maintain the hardwood floor in their homes. There are many ways to go about hardwood floor refinishing and sanding. A professional will ensure that your floor looks great again, get your hardwood floors refinished today!

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Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Necessary?

Hardwood floors are meant to last for decades, however, it must be taken good care of as it might get stained or scratched inevitably. Refinishing is required in order to ensure the quality of your floor as well as giving it its prime look. To be categorized as a refinishing, hardwood floor restoration must be done by sanding the floor to bare wood removing all traces of the previous finish, cracks, and stains. Once the surface is sanded, a chemical compound is injected into the holes and then allowed to sit for some time. The compound is supposed to penetrate the wood pores of the hardwood floor and remove the older finish. After that, the sanding process is repeated until the desired result is achieved. Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips here!

With hardwood floors, another way to go about hardwood floor refinishing is to use dust containment systems. This system is used to avoid dust getting into the room. Many specks of dust are caused by vacuuming and walking around. If this dust enters the room, it can cause damages to the hardwood floors by scratching them. Dust containment systems have different features from one another depending on the type of hardwood floor that needs refinishing. Some of these features include the type of wood that the hardwood floors are made from, the space available in the room, its shape and size, and the amount of money that will be invested in the project.

Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing Necessary?


Choosing the Right Finish for Your Hardwood Floor

Oil-based hardwood floor refinishing involves using an oily substance as a lubricant. An emulsifying agent is also used, which helps increase the effectiveness of the oil-based finish. A hardwood floor refinishing method called electrostatic charge sanding is also used. Here, electric charges are conducted between the particles of sand. This improves the speed of the sanding process and reduces the impact on the floor if it is done with less force than usual. However, this type of finish requires more effort, time, and care when it comes to dust collection and damage control.

Another finish that is preferred mostly by homeowners is the non-skid type of hardwood floor finish known as a record. In this type of finish, a special liquid is used to cover the hardwood surface after it has been protected by the sealer. This liquid is left to dry so that it can solidify again as the floor gets hard. After the solidification process, a highly compressed liquid, such as a hardener, is used to help with further protection.

Knowing Your Options for Refinishing Hardwood Floors

While the main benefit of using the recoat method of refinishing is to improve the floor’s resilience against wear and tear, this type of finishing does have some disadvantages. One major problem is that the textured surface of the surface can cause scratches, smudges, or dents if it is accidentally rubbed. In addition, the process takes longer than other types of refinishing since it needs to completely cover the entire hardwood floor. As such, the homeowner might not always have enough time to perform this type of refinishing.

If you want to avoid these issues and you don’t mind spending extra money, you should consider a dust-free hardwood floor refinishing option. Some of these methods use vacuum technology instead of a dust containment system. This allows for very quick sanding of the hardwood floor. The dust particles are easily vacuumed out of the room with a powerful vacuum. Additionally, since there is no wet sanding involved, there is no chance for the wood floors to absorb dust particles before they are even sawed off.

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Refinishing a hardwood floor is a great investment. It will add style and value to your home, and it is far less expensive than ripping up and replacing the entire floor. Compared to tearing up the old flooring, refinishing is a better and more effective option.

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