Why Hardwood Floor Homeowners Should Use EZ Glides

EZ Glides

Why Use EZ Glides Floor Protectors?

If you have a hardwood floor, the best way to protect it is to purchase furniture sliders. If you’re wondering Why Hardwood Floor Homeowners Should Use EZ Glides, read on.  These glides are made to prevent scratches on the flooring and make cleaning easier. There’s no need to apply adhesive, and you can reuse the pads again. They also help protect the floor from heavy foot traffic. You can easily wipe them clean if you want to. Using furniture pads is a great way to maintain your hardwood floors.

Why use EZ Glides for hardwood floors?

EZ Glides are available in various sizes and materials, which can be used to protect different surfaces. They can be fitted to furniture legs, lamps, ashtrays, and countertops. These glides are flexible and can be cut to fit any leg. They are made of heavy-duty olefin fiber and are durable. It is a great option for homes with hardwood floors.

These glides come in a variety of colors and designs to match any decor. These can be used on chairs, tables, and other items. The felt material is soft on the surface but strong enough to prevent scratches and stains. Metal or plastic glides can also cause scratches and rust, so you’ll want to use felt instead.

Our experience over the years shows that some homeowners make easily avoidable mistakes that damage their floors. For example, failing to place furniture pads under chairs (or stools, sofas, etc.) can be a serious issue.

EZ Glides are not only safe for hardwood floors but can also be installed on office equipment too.

How to choose the right EZ Glides for your hardwood floor?

When choosing a glide for hardwood floors, you’ll want to choose a product that won’t scratch or chip your hardwood floors.  They are very easy to clean – you can use a damp cloth to wipe them off before moving on. It’s as easy as that. There are a variety of styles to choose from. It can be difficult to choose the right one for your furniture and appliances. But if you have the right information, you will be able to determine right away which is best for your hardwood flooring.

Another benefit of EZ Glides is that they protect surfaces from slipping and scuffing.  The smallest sizes of EZ Glides are designed for the smallest leg size.

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Where to Purchase EZ Glides?

EZ Glides can be purchased online from several retailers. EZ Glides are manufactured by EZ Glide, and you can buy them from Amazon and other online stores.  If you want to save more money, you can find spin-offs although the quality may not be the same. Purchase EZ Glides for Wood Floors in stores where sold. (Note we are not affiliated with EZ Glides nor represent their products)

Why Hardwood Floor Homeowners Should Use EZ Glides

Using EZ Glides is a great way to protect your hardwood floors. These slides are designed to protect surfaces from scratching and scuffing. Since EZ Glides are easy to purchase and use, most homeowners trust EZ Glides for the maintenance of their hardwood floors.

If you have a hardwood floor, EZ Glides are the best option available to you to reduce casualties. The company has a range of products, including furniture pads and sliders. They sell a wide range of styles, so you can find the right one for your needs. These are also a great option for a hardwood floor.

Unlike other products, EZ Glides are designed to protect surfaces, not just hardwood floors. They can be installed easily and are highly durable so they will not wear away over time. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles, including clear or transparent. They also make it possible to adjust the height of the furniture.

EZ Glides are a popular solution that every homeowner who have hardwood floors should consider. The sliders are ideal if you like to rearrange your furniture without having to damage your floor. They’re not only great for moving heavy objects, but they’re also great for protecting the floor from hardwearing materials. Floors made of hardwood are a wise investment that lasts a lifetime. Just remember to use EZ Glides on any furniture that will come into contact with your hardwood floors!


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